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Dry spray Denitrification Equipment No.2

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  • Date of Delivery:30 days
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  • Port:Qingdao port
Shandong Taibei Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd
Shandong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 0%
Main Products: Denitrification desulfurization equipment
Model No.: 2 Place of Origin: China

RSNCR denitrification technology (dry spray technology) has the following advantages:

The construction of RSNCR denitrification system is a one-time investment with low investment cost.Accounting for 70% and 80% of SNCR method respectively, there are no disadvantages caused by other flue gas denitrification technologies, such as increased pressure loss of the system;

The equipment of RSNCR denitrification system occupies a small area;Short construction time;

The whole reduction process of RSNCR process is carried out in the boiler, with high denitrification efficiency, up to 80-90% under normal circumstances.And no additional reactors are needed;

RSNCR process is simple and easy to control automatically.

RSNCR denitrifier is a solid particle, which is easy to store and safe.

RSNCR technology does not need to make major changes to the boiler combustion equipment and heating surface, and does not need to change the normal operation mode of the boiler, which has minimal impact on the main operating parameters of the boiler.

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