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Integrated Equipment for Desulfurization Denitrition and Dust Removal

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Shandong Taibei Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd
Shandong, China
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Main Products: Denitrification desulfurization equipment
Model No.: TBG-III Place of Origin: China

Taibei Environmental Protection Equipment Company (TEPE) is a leading enterprise in the environmental protection industry, adopting advanced technology to install desulfurization denitrification and mercury removal equipment, flue gas treatment equipment, dry spray denitrification, chain furnace denitrification, biomass boiler denitrification, denitrification equipment, dust removal peculiar smell equipment, noise prevention, etc. TEPE has a number of exclusive patent technologies to assure the products have a better quality in the market.

Currently there are two cagetories of flue gas denitration gechnology - dry and wet. Among them, the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and the selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) technologies in dry denitration are the most widely used and the most mature in the market (about 60%).
SCR - the selective catalyst reduction method, it sprays ammonia or other suitable reductant into the flue gas upstream of the catalyst, and uses the catalyst to convert the NOx in the flue gas into nitrogen and water.
SNCR - the selective non-catalytic reduction technology, it uses a catalyst and sprays an amino-containing reductant (such as ammonia water, urea solution, etc.) into the furnace at a temperature range of 850 to 1100 ° C, and puts it in the flue gas, to reduce and remove the NOx in flue gas to generate nitrogen and water.

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