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Sewage Treatment

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Shandong Taibei Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd
Shandong, China
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Main Products: Denitrification desulfurization equipment
Model No.: TBW-I Brand: TAIBEI Place of Origin: China
Packing: pallet blue: customized

We can supply ful set equipement for sewage disposal of industial plant or of life, especially professional for the fishmeal wastewater treatment.
A fishmeal plant produces a certain amount of wastewater during production. If this part of wastewater is directly discharged without treatment, it will cause local water pollution to a certain extent.

The production of the plant is greatly affected by the season, the water quality of the wastewater changes greatly, and the water volume is unevenly discharged, which has a strong impact. Therefore, it has brought certain difficulties to the treatment of wastewater.

Source and characteristics of wastewater
-Wastewater sources: mainly from cooling wastewater, equipment and floor washing water produced in the process of fish meal evaporation and drying in production and processing workshops, and domestic sewage in the plant area.
-Wastewater volume: The designed wastewater volume of this project is 480m³/ d.
-Wastewater quality:
Such wastewater generally has an unpleasant fishy odor, which contains a large amount of oily pollutants and has a high solid content. The wastewater has a high concentration of organic matter and good biochemical properties. Among them, the organic matter with high concentration of suspended solids is not easy to degrade and it is difficult to process.
The nutrients in wastewater are mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, of which nitrogen is mainly in the form of organic matter or ammonium salt, and phosphorus is mainly in the form of phosphate.
The temperature of wastewater is relatively high, about 50 ℃ -70 ℃.

Selection principles of wastewater treatment process
(1) The process technology advanced and mature, high safety, strong oxygenation capacity, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable operation, and meet the requirements for treating effluent.
(2) It is convenient for operation and management, and has sufficient anti-impact ability to the change of water quantity and water quality.
(3) It is economically reasonable and saves capital investment and operation and management costs on the premise of meeting processing requirements.
(4) The process supporting equipment has advanced technology, reliable quality, small floor area, low investment, and good treatment effect.
(5) The process automation control is reasonable and reliable, reducing labor intensity.
(6) The sludge treatment process and the choice of treatment methods consider operational flexibility and economy, and improve the operability of the sludge treatment process.

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